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Every superior, beginner, intermediate, and advanced music workbooks with their teacher's edition (the help book), and the Instructional-Create Music Notebook, all of these books are so seriously needed. The operatic broadway rare collector pieces and loved favorites CD in a jewel case, also the holiday music with CD, and the inspiring messages story book products are affordably priced. These are beautiful, wonderful treasures, all with discount.

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Book with Music Notes

About The Books

Teach and Learn Piano, also All Instruments Professionally 

Music is an art form that is universally loved and respected. With the help of C. R. Carole Music Workbooks Incorporated, you will improve your skills and understanding of music. This gifted, recognized artist has performed to the highest honors and loves teaching. Now, she shares her knowledge and passion through a series of workbooks, perfect for both teachers and students. Even professional and self-taught musicians now have access to the valuable education that C.R. Carole worked so hard to achieve from early in her career, and continues to achieve up to the present day.

Whether you are trying to learn music, teach students piano lessons, learn how to play piano yourself, and strive to learn music with any instrument, these music workbooks with their proven results will rescue your knowledge, development, and performance. Order them; you'll be so glad you did. For sure, C.R. Carole's music workbooks won't fail you.

Piano & Voice Instruction Call Carole Cohen (732) 679-0933

Piano & Voice Instruction: Academics - Techniques - Theory - Expression & All Types of Music.
45 Min. $29.00 - Paid Monthly. Summer discount deducted in September. Central New Jersey

"Expand  Your Teaching Practice and Student Music Abilities! My Students Love Their
Piano And Voice Lessons And Music Workbooks!

"They Play and Sing the Most Appropriate, Beautiful Musics from Beginner to Advanced
with Knowledgeable to Professional Quality

 Get the music education you've always wanted.
The Music Workbooks with Teacher Editions (The Help Books) are revolutionary, none like them in the world.
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Carole Roberta

About Me

I've been a praised Lyric Coloratura Opera singer, trained by world-famous opera singers from Europe and a respected musician for most of my life. At age 10 1/2, I was the youngest student to be accepted into The Juilliard School of Music in New York, where I attended and received the highest scholarships six years in a row. At age 15, I was the only opera singer in thirty years who was permitted to sing in Juilliard's End of the Year Concert. I was always the lead and featured guest artist wherever I performed. Thousands of people came to hear me. I was written up in the newspaper with my picture and called a diva. I also took dancing, ballroom, tap, and ballet in private school, and received a medal for ballroom dancing. At ages 15 and 17, I was invited to sing very beautiful and difficult coloratura opera arias at the theatrical Lamb's Club in New York City with a raving response from the audience.

I was one of the chosen prodigies to study with top voice and piano teachers at Nasson College in Maine, sponsored by The Berkeley Music School in New York. I performed in both opera singing and piano in the Nasson College concert hall. Having been offered contracts after singing for the audition team at the Metropolitan Opera House, their head agent then offered me contracts to sing in opera houses all over the world.

At age 15, I was the first opera singer chosen among 600 auditionees to star as Gilda in the Opera Rigoletto by Verdi in a new opera company opened in New York City by two world-famous opera stars. Two months into rehearsals, the world-famous baritone suddenly died from heart failure, and the new most promising opera company had to be sorrowfully closed down. I also performed in Woodstock, upstate New York as a featured guest opera singer. I sing in 9 different languages and teach voice, piano, flute, and violin. I learned flute and violin in my high school orchestra.

Now, I share my skills and knowledge in a series of music workbooks, CDs, and more. You'll find plenty of beginner and intermediate lessons, that extend into the advanced level with materials available to both teachers and students. Based in Old Bridge, New Jersey, I share my knowledge and create easy, clear instructions for any artist from beginner to upper advanced skill levels that can be very challenging for students and performers. These are revolutionary learning materials that allow you to learn on your own, in groups, or with a teacher. You can find these books in the Library of Congress, and each one is written and arranged by me, the president and founder of my corporation. I am also an author, musical prodigy, opera singer, pianist, performer, poet, and teacher. I've enjoyed teaching, performing, composing, and writing most of my life, and now I look forward to sharing my gift and music books, CD's and inspiring messages book with students of beginner to advanced professional skill levels, including the general public who purchase the operatic CD, inspiring messages book and the children’s family Hanukah song. These exceptional workbooks and all 10 products took 24 years to strivingly complete.

Every product is printed with quality materials.

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Beginner Music Workbook

Extends to Intermediate Level*

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Table of Contents

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Beginner Music Workbook Teachers Edition

Extends to Intermediate Level*

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Intermediate Music Workbook

Extends to Advanced Level*

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Table of Contents

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Intermediate Music Workbook Teacher's Edition
Extends to Advanced Level*

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Advanced StudentExtends to Upper Advanced Level*

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Table of Contents

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Advanced Teacher
Extends to Upper Advanced Level*

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Music Notebook

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Inspiring Messages Book

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Dreidel Cover

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Tray Outside CD Front Cover

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Tray Outside CD Back Cover

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Opera  Arias * Broadway*  Beautiful Collector Pieces* Loved Familiar Favorites

Even though a grand piano appears on the covers, these books cover the note ranges, music units, counting, rhythms, and theory for all instruments.

The music workbook pages and teacher edition, (The Help Book), yield proven results!

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Sample Music Pages

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                                             Beginner Music Workbook       |                                                 Beginner Music Workbook
                                                                                                                 |     Teacher's Edition (
The Help Book)

Beginner Music Workbook

                       Intermediate Music Workbook                  |                                  Intermediate Music Workbook 
                                                                                        |     Teacher's Edition (
The Help Book)

Intermediate Music Workbook

                                Advanced Music Workbook             |                                      Advanced Music Workbook 
                                                                                        |     Teacher's Edition (
The Help Book)

Advanced Music WorkbookMusic Notebook

Inspiring Messages

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Inspiring Messages Header

Miracles Against All Odds The Little Fish
Humor Of Lasting Thoughts

Operatic CD

CD Cover

CD Song List

Chanukah Music Sheet

Children's Chanukah Song


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